Whaley's Pharmacy opened its doors as a little corner drugstore back in 1943.

Its original owner, Red Whaley, wanted to provide his customers with the best prescription service in town.  He helped service those who were home bound by offering delivery service to those living close by.  The store was a local hangout for teens due to the popular soda fountain which served up flavored sodas and milkshakes.

In 1973, Red and his son, Jim, expanded the business to the other side of town by opening the Medical Center Pharmacy - now Southwest Pharmacy.  This new location allowed Whaley's to expand its services by offering a wide variety of DME, ostomy, and colostomy supplies.  

Darryl Hubble, a partner in the business since the late 1970s, purchased Whaley's in 1998 and opened Pro-Care Services in 2000.  This new team offers bubble-packaged medications and consultants to patients living in a long term care facility.  

In 2005, Hubble's daughter, Stacy Welling, joined the company and Whaley's expanded again to better serve the west end of Jefferson City by opening Whaley's West Side Pharmacy.  This store is home to Whaley's Mommy & Me - Before, During, and After.

Today, Welling serves as President and Owner of Whaley's Pharmacy, Inc. We invite you to become a part of the Whaley's Pharmacy family and to discover what has made it Jefferson City's hometown pharmacy for over 70 years!

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Managing Pharmacists

Trevor I (1).JPG

Trevor Isringhausen, PharmD.

Southwest Pharmacy

Kristin M (1).JPG

Kristin Mebruer,  PharmD.

West Side Pharmacy


Michael Sweeney, PharmD.

East End Drug & Pro-Care Services


Staff Pharmacists


Amanda Rudder, PharmD.

Dennis L (2).JPG

Dennis Loehnig, RPh.


Tom Mengwasser, PharmD.

Sally W.JPG

Sally Wilson, RPh.


Pharmacy Technicians


Customer Service Representatives




Administrative Staff

Stacy W.JPG

Stacy Welling Company President


Shannon Fewins Administrative Assistant/ CSR


Kevin Call  Director of Operations & HR

Ilana Holland.JPG

Ilana Holland Director of Marketing

Becki C.JPG

Becki Collier   Director of Sales, Whaley's Baby


Shelly Huff Administrative Specialist

Ryan D.JPG

Ryan Drewel Director of Administration