Parata Pass: For Travel, For Convenience, For You!

Whether you're on the go or just need help staying on track with medications, Parata Pass strip packaging is a fantastic solution to medication packaging!

Instead of packing a pill calendar or traveling with your bulky medication bottles, you can travel with your medications secured safely and conveniently within a Parata Pass strip packaging pouch.  Each pouch contains the exact dose of medications needed at any specific time of day.  The pouch will list the patient's information as well as medication information and time of day that it needs to be taken.  Simply tear off what you need from the larger strip and go!

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Parata Pass strip packaging is also great for dining out.  Before running out the door, tear off your noon-time or evening pouch and head to the restaurant!  The convenient pouch will contain the necessary dosage of your medications; simply tear it open and grab a glass of water.  No more juggling bottles awkwardly in public again!

Even if you're not on the road, Parata Pass strip packaging from Whaley's Pharmacy provides you an easy way to determine if you've taken your daily medications.  If you can't remember whether or not you've taken your noon medicine, simply look at the last pouch on the strip to see when the next dose should be taken.  No more need to count and recount pills in a bottle just to figure out if you've taken your daily medications!

Parata Pass strip packaging from Whaley's Pharmacy is filled and packaged in Jefferson City, right on High Street!  Sign up today and enjoy a more relaxing and hassle-free medication experience!