Lovepop: We Love Them, and You Will Too!

For those of you who enjoy the ABC show Shark Tank, you may be familiar with the new startup card company Lovepop.  If not, the story begins with two friends, Wombi Rose and John Wise, travelling to Vietnam after graduating with naval architecture degrees.  This sojourn introduced them to a Vietnamese art surrounding intricately-cut and hand-crafted paper cards.

Back in Boston, the duo distributed some of the souvenir cards that they had returned with and watched the reactions on the faces of the recipients.  According to the Lovepop website, the reactions that they witnessed are the reason that they founded their company.

At Whaley's Pharmacy, we have been putting smiles on our patients' faces for over seven decades.  We provide products and services that make people feel better or, to summarize: medicine.  But medicine isn't the only product that we sell that puts smiles on faces... very well could be a card to your mother wishing her a Happy Mother's Day.  Or your niece who just graduated summa cum laude.   It's a card to your best friend who just announced that she and her husband are expecting.

Indeed: Whaley's Pharmacy is committed to spreading joy to the community that it serves.  This is exactly why we are proud to bring Lovepop to the Jefferson City area community!

Whatever the occasion, Lovepop has a card for it.  As for Whaley's?  Well, we'll just keep looking for the many ways that we can do our part to keep our patients smiling, just as we've done for over 70 years.