The Best Cherry Cokes in Town

What’s so special about Whaley’s East End Drug’s soda fountain? Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Gil, one of East End Drug’s Customer Service Reps, about the soda fountain and what makes it so great. Here’s what I learned: 

According to Gil, “we have the best soda bar in town.” That’s a pretty big statement, but Gil provided several reasons he believes that is true. “It all started with the Cherry Coke.” We have current customers that used to come into East End Drug when they were kids. There’s something about the history of East End, dating all the way back to 1896. I don’t know if they had Cherry Cokes back then, but Cherry Cokes have been here a long time! So to be clear, the Cherry Cokes at East End are NOT the same as a drive-in or a can of Cherry Coke - we add the cherry syrup at our fountain, and for some reason it makes a huge difference in the flavor. We have customers come in that are skeptics about Gil’s assertion, “we have the best Cherry Cokes in town,” but Gil will convince them to try an East End Cherry Coke and it never fails – their eyes light up and some wonderful exclamation comes from their mouth, such as “Wow!” or “This stuff is GOOD!”

 Now if Cherry Coke isn’t your thing we have a total of 50 flavors to choose from, seven of which are sugar free.  Some of the most popular combinations at Whaley’s East End are Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke and Marshmallow Coke. We’ve even created a few flavor concoctions such as the Shipwreck, Juicy Fruit, Island Breeze, Tropical Breeze and Orange Creamsicle. With 50 flavors, it’s easy to use your imagination and create your own delicious treat!  

 One of Gil’s favorite is when people come in and have their first taste of the East End soda fountain experience. He fixes their flavored Coke product and then waits for it. He doesn’t have to wait long. Their smiles and/or exclamations bring a smile to Gil’s face and with a knowing nod of his head, he says “See - I told you, the Best Cherry Cokes in town!”  Whether you’re an old-timer that’s been coming for years, or a newcomer - the East End soda fountain is something to remember. Gil calls it the “old-time flavor experience.”  

 For the first time in 30 years, East End now has Central Dairy Ice Cream Floats – a new experience for this generation! You can also add any of the 50 flavors to a float for a unique twist on an old favorite. East End offers three flavors of ice cream: chocolate, vanilla and the third flavor varies.

 I asked Gil, “What’s the biggest surprise about East End soda fountain?” He said, “The old-time atmosphere serving generations of soda fountain customers.”  The atmosphere is “cool” and the Cherry Cokes are the best in town!

 In addition to the soda fountain, East End also offers snacks such as old-fashioned candy, fresh popped popcorn, chips, candy bars, meat sticks, Jelly Bellies, muffins and cookies.

 So if Gil and I haven’t convinced you yet that East End has the best Cherry Cokes in town – you need to come on in and experience the old-time flavor experience for yourself. Gil will be happy to serve you!

 Whaley’s East End Drugs

630 E. High Street

Jefferson City, MO 65101