Ostomy Supplies Explained

If you’re anything like me, you would have no idea what the word “ostomy” means let alone what ostomy supplies are.  In this short blog I hope to relay a little of what I have learned in regard to these products at the Whaley’s Southwest location.

Let’s start with “ostomy.”  All I knew for sure was that meant you didn’t eliminate waste normally.  After talking to several patients, I have discovered that there are different types of ostomies and it deals with more than bowel movements.

When trying to determine which ostomy supplies are needed, I would start by first learning what type of ostomy you’re dealing with so you know the correct products needed. The most common types you will encounter are Urostomy (Urine) and Colostomy (Feces).   If there is a dysfunction with the urinary system and stool formation is normal, the patient may in more extreme cases have had a urostomy performed and they will need to be shown urostomy products (These differ from colostomy products because they are made to hold and drain liquid.  They need to be made out of different materials and have a drain or hose connection.) If the patient has issues with their intestines and forming stool (possibly due to Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, etc.) they are most probably looking for colostomy supplies.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to the type of ostomy, the next steps get a little more tricky.  A good portion of patients are in need of colostomy supplies.  To determine what they need specifically, as the system has several possible parts, we will need to ask a couple of more questions: