The same service and care you’ve come to know…


Whaley’s Pro-Care services has been providing medication to patients in long-term, independent living, and group home facilities for over 25 years.  Whaley's Pro-Care invests in our community and our experienced pharmacists provide extra services to bring that personal touch to your loved ones.  We are the only independent and locally owned pharmacy in mid-Missouri that exclusively focuses on long-term care residents.

You have a right to choose...

Missouri’s “Right to Choose” law states that residents in a nursing facility must be allowed to choose who provides their care, including pharmacy services. Making the transition to a long-term care facility allows for the same freedom of choice that you or your loved ones had before!

Accuracy, convenience, and efficiency…

  • Dose packaging for adherence & accuracy —Parata Pass Strip Packaging, bubble cards, and vials
  • Experienced pharmacists—24/7 emergency services, caregiver consultations 
  • Free delivery to facilities
  • Insurance plans accepted just as they are at retail locations
  • Convenient monthly billing to resident or resident’s power of attorney


We would be honored to serve you!

Whaley’s Pro-Care Services

P: 573-632-2001 | 630 B High Street | Jefferson City, MO 65101